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Why Join NCI?

The Government of India is building a state-of-the-art National Cancer Institute (NCI) complete with basic research laboratories, clinical research wards, and patient treatment areas. This institute is currently under construction on a site in Jhajjar, Haryana location. To bring this vision of a world-class research facility to reality, we will need first-class research scientists willing to come to NCI and do their best work for India and for cancer patients around the world.

While the facility is still under construction infrastructure, the recruitment process has begun and interested scientists should reach out to NCI and AIIMS leadership to let them know of your interest in being part of NCI. We are looking for future leaders in cancer research who are eager to make a difference, whether at the bench or at the bedside. At NCI, our goal is to make it possible for you to conduct research and to play a major role in training and mentoring the next generation of cancer physicians and scientists, with the resources, guidance and oversight you need to be successful.

We are looking at current and future leaders of science at all levels, from Laboratory Head, tenure-track scientists and research fellows, to nurses, animal care assistants and laboratory technicians. For a preview of some of the positions NCI looks to fill, visit our “Anticipated Job Openings” page Anticipated Job Openings.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can join NCI. Over time, we will post additional information about the positions available and how you can become a part of this important team. In addition, we will feature the research work of various NCI personnel, to give you a first-hand look at some of the work being done here and see how you might fit in.

Thank you for your interest.