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Research Programs


To broaden the scope of cancer in India, there is a need for research to define our understanding of the life style behaviours, genetic and environmental factors influencing normal cells to turn malignant. An Institute dedicated to conduct basic, clinical and cancer control epidemiologic research will help us understand the causes and the mechanism of cancers prevailing in India. This knowledge will facilitate us to develop strategies to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer cases earlier with more effective and efficiently. Better understanding of cancer will improve quality of cancer care services and the quality of life of cancer patient’s survivals and their families.

The institute will be the apex organization for activities related to cancer in the country and will have linkages will all RCCs and other cancer institute/centers within an outside the country. The NCI as the premier cancer center will carry out basic and applied research in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and cancer epidemiology, radiation oncology cancer vaccines etc.

It will evolve model cancer control programmes for the developing world and new therapies. The NCI will explore in addition to allopathic system, alternative therapies from medicine system historically available in India. It will act as apex center resources in cancer. The NCI will collaborate with renowned cancer institute in the international arena.

The institute will have state of the art tertiary cancer care facility as well as undertaking R&D, training and capacity building. Research proposals will be invited for research.

Establishment of NCI will have comprehensive cancer care facilities in Surgical, Radiation, Medical, Community Oncology, and Palliative care etc. The institute will have facilities for Research & Development, Training and Capacity Building. There will be research fellows in various areas including Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Pathogenesis, Cancer Screening etc. The institute will also have course on Oncology Nursing. All facilities and capacities proposed will befit international standards.

To learn about opportunities to support your biomedical research career at AIIMS, go to our Researcher Support page.